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You're looking at our team. Most of them, Kaleidos co-founders & owners.

It was 2011 and Spain was badly hit by the financial crisis. It was also a time for hope and bold ideas and so 14 people left their well-paid jobs at a big corp and started a great adventure; to create a new type of company.

Kaleiders, as we like to be called, are not just "employees". Most of us are co-founders and all of us can be co-owners.

We made sure we would be able to build digital products from start to finish and that meant having the freedom to setup multiple cross-domain teams.

We chose to call ourselves Kaleidos, after the Greek root "of beautiful form".

We like to share our knowledge, our values and... yeah, memes too.

Every new job offer is carefully crafted so that we can feel proud of such an important process. We feel privileged receiving dozens of high quality applications and that's why welcoming any new kaleider is such a joy.

Once you’re in, you’re in.
Ex-kaleiders are kaleiders.

kaleiders dining together at a fancy restaurant
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