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Technology is not neutral

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We challenge all that we consider toxic

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Kaleidos products

You've probably heard it before. Companies encouraging employees to innovate and share their ideas. Kudos to that.

So, at Kaleidos we take this to the next level: We go as far as to make some of those innovative ideas proper products and startups, owned by Kaleidos, employees and external investors.

Taiga is an Open Source project management platform for cross-domain agile teams. Its rich feature set and intuitive user interface is enjoyed by 1M+ users worldwide.

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mockup of the Taiga APP

The open-source solution for design and prototyping digital products and platforms. Early stage, but already considered as a potential Figma-killer.

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mockup of the uxbox design and prototyping tool

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Main officeLa Botánica 4, 1º, 28028 Madrid, Spain
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