Code should be beautiful

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We are a values-driven team. We seek creating transformational impact through our clients, as we do when we launch our own incubated products and services.

Motivated by excellence and inspired by our clients, we will always have your best interests at heart and will always deliver full value on time, every time.

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We praise them. They empower us.

Some people see them as tools only, a means to and end, but we know the journey matters and our choice of software should share our worldview. Technology is not neutral and neither we are.

they say

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Kaleidos invested in my idea, giving me time at work hours and covering all the expenses. Wonderful!Iván López. Bokzuy creator


This is what we like most. Your success

Decathlon Sport MeetingPeople & Sports
SeeQuestorRadically faster video intelligence
GonwayCompanies meet students
Taiga (Kaleidos start-up)Free. Open Source. Simple to use Agile
Guía RepsolResources about travel and leisure
FinhubYour investment co-pilot
CuVittNew Human Resources
Gem-MedModern ECG diagnostics
Saluproe-Health Comparison equipment
Yump LabBehavioural science
WyshGenuine and honest travel