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Miryam González Duque

User Experience

I love the idea of connecting with users through design and making them feel heard. Design affects peoples lifes deeply, and I aim to participate in projects that will really help them, help us.

Fantasy books fan, Terry Pratchett mega fan, pottery, 90s music, tv series, Flight of the Conchords, cats, peanut butter, knitting, crochet, DIY, ecology, minimalism, cities, cats, cats.

Miryam's tools

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Not just a pretty face

  • Quanter

    #agile, #estimation

    Your Agile estimation experience.
    Save costs in software development through a clear and objective estimation.

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  • control panel hfpredict


    #machinelearning #ehealth #timeseries #ICU #wearable

    The first clinically accurate wearable device and machine learning software for predicting Heart Failure (HF) of a patient.

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  • Assets Management


    Machine-learning assisted risk management platform for multi-million-dollar utilities assets. It crunchs data and output knowledge to mitigate risk the smart way.

  • Taiga

    #agile, #management

    Free. Open Source. Powerful. Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers. A Kaleidos start-up.

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On the blog

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