What they say

It is so difficult to find professionals with such a high technical background... and the atmosphere was always warm and friendly!Alejandro Doncel. KSchool Director
Kaleidos is a synonym for "entrepeneur's support". Its main ingredients are empathy, flexibility, agility and quality.Victor Ogbechie. CEO Gonway
It seemed as if Gem-Med's product was THEIR product. What a passion!Guillem Serra. Gem-Med Product Manager
Kaleidos invested in my idea, giving me time at work hours and covering all the expenses. Wonderful!Iván López. Bokzuy creator
The Kaleidos team is fully commited to the very end, no matter how tough the challenge is. The result? a brilliant work and a constant feeling of security.Alicia Malumbres. CuVitt founder
We work in a high demanding environment and Kaleidos met and surpassed our goals in terms of schedule and quality.Íñigo de Cáceres. N+1 General Manager
Kaleidos is addictive!Lorena Ramírez & Ana Mendiguchía. Endesa
I was blown away by their internal project management methodology which allows even non-technical executives to know exactly, week-to-week where the project stands.Ricky Posner. The IOU Project Co-founder
Very impressed by @taigaio's cool UI and features list. Great Job guys!@Neo9Polska
I remember starting the project with three big red flags. After a month, they were all gone thanks to Kaleidos. Amazing!Samuel Vargas, CTO of Salupro
For us Kaleidos meant a technology partner with the same passion we had for the projectEduardo Álvarez, CEO of Wine and People
It was like an expedition to the Arctic, Kaleidos had the maps & tools and you knew they wouldn't leave you behind. We slept at the Pole and came back alive and did we enjoyed it!Antonio López, Innovation Product Owner & Agile Agitator at Decathlon
It´s not only the beauty of the code, it´s the perfect mix of methodology, compromise, flexibility and skills. And the most important for us: a great result on time.Carlos Fernández Allen, Subdirector de Comunicación Digital at Repsol
Plunging into a new technological adventure? Then Kaleidos will be the perfect buddy. They've got the knowledge, the experience, the agility and the flexibility to create a good prototype, to set the foundations of a great project. Fernando Pablos Contreras, CTO and co-founder
Apart from the methodology, professionalism, and quality of Kaleidos which is outstanding, what really sets them apart is the wonderful people behind every line of code. What a team!Andrés Fajardo, CTO and co-founder
Kaleidos is going to be such a tough act to follow...Henry Hyde-Thomson, SeeQuestor CEO