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Kaleidos startups

You've probably heard it before. Companies encouraging employees to innovate and share their ideas. Yeah, kudos to that.

So, at Kaleidos we take this to the next level: We go as far as to make some of those innovative ideas proper products and startups, owned by Kaleidos, employees and external investors.

Taiga is an Open Source project management platform for cross-domain agile teams. Its rich feature set and intuitive user interface is enjoyed by 1M+ users worldwide.

See how we incubate
mockup of the Taiga APP

The open-source solution for design and prototyping digital products and platforms. Early stage, but already considered as a potential Figma-killer.

See how we incubate
mockup of the uxbox design and prototyping tool

Other products we've launched

  • cocomaterial landing page


    #illustration, #creative

    CocoMaterial is an open source hand-drawn illustration library.

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  • Icarus project screenshot sowing the sun and data


    #real-time #weather

    Real-time space weather station focusing on our Sun.

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  • Screenshot of the app showing a word, letters and a drawing

    ABC de Irene


    Writing learning app for children with hemiparesis.

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  • Screenshot of patio showing different cards with mood info of kaleiders



    The singlest most useful temperature mood check for teams.

  • Mustachio screenshot showing an avatar



    The amazing online avatar design tool. With free mustachios!

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  • Screenshot of the game

    Infinite Overlord

    #videogames #fun

    A take on a visually appealing incremental game with some 4X game elements.

  • Clara showing BetOver in a mobile



    Citizenship watch over neighbourhood betting shops.

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  • Yami controlling with a glove the dron at Kaleidos office

    Jannie 5


    Reversed-engineered body controlled drone

The process

Every six months we enjoy our Personal Innovation Week (PIWEEK). During that week all Kaleidos employees leave their ongoing work on their external projects. Friends and people from other companies are invited to join us in this week-long hackathon.
People working on piweek
People working on a whiteboard
Great working prototypes are presented every PIWEEK.. From all of them we select a few. They are funded and launched as spin-out companies owned by Kaleidos and the involved employees.
Continued development
Funding a new company
People of a meeting in a park
Do you like what you see?Let’s talk about your project get in touch
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