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What we do

"Slow-cooked" startup incubator

Every six months we enjoy our Personal Innovation Week (PIWEEK). All Kaleidos stop everything to work for a week on any idea we come up with, no constraints whatsoever.

discover our products

Every six months we enjoy our Personal Innovation Week πWEEK, where all Kaleidos employees join us in a week-long hackathon.

discover our products

Our process

We have a clear path for our product strategy. First, testing ideas with working prototypes. Second, internal MVP funded development. Third, newCo welcoming additional external seed funding. Finally, growth stage towards further independence from Kaleidos.

  • Stage0

    PIWEEK is where everything starts or gets boosted. Every six months (in sunny July and cozy December), Kaleidos employees & friends set aside an entire week to work on their personal projects. Projects are pitched, teams are formed, agile is redefined and Friday demos are enjoyed. Visit the PIWEEK website.

  • Stage1

    Continued development

    Year I

    Some PIWEEK projects that do not fall into the "technological proof of concept" or "I wanted to learn this new skill" can continue their life outside Kaleidos labour days. Employees might decide to invest their own personal time to evolve and enrich the platform or product and reach alpha stage.

  • Stage2


    Year II

    It is then when Kaleidos might take a look at these alpha-stage projects and decide whether it should assign Kaleidos time to it and set new priorities company-wise. It might be 100% community driven or, in some rare cases, a potential business proposal can arise.

  • Stage3

    Proper funding

    Year III

    This is not necessarily the ideal final stage for every project but for those that could thrive as an honest business proposal, funding is raised.

The three stage model

By kaleidos

We prefer quality over quantity and focus over multitasking.

This means we make sure not to overlap conflicting stages between products and make ample room for new ideas to flourish every two years.

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Our startups in numbers

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