Genuine and honest travel

the project

Wysh is a new way of designing, planning and enjoy how you travel. Based on the concept of getting rid of intermediaries if empowers both travellers and local attractions and people making a trip a more honest and authentic experience.

We developed Wysh both as a completely configurable trip planner with state of the art messaging and contractual tools allowing all parties to engage in a fruitful agreement around wysh "pills" or mini-activities as well as a powerful backoffice to allow Wysh employees and subcontractors to manage content and give support to the entire trip lifecycle.

[Update 2018] Unfortunately, Wysh was born ahead of its time and was never able to achieve growth. Fortunately, the technology that Kaleidos developes allowed the company to successfully sell the platform itself an as asset to an international hotel group (undisclosed).

they say

Apart from the methodology, professionalism, and quality of Kaleidos which is outstanding, what really sets them apart is the wonderful people behind every line of code. What a team!Andrés Fajardo, CTO and co-founder