Taiga (Kaleidos start-up)

Free. Open Source. Simple to use Agile

the project

Free. Open Source. Powerful. Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.

Taiga is the first Kaleidos start-up, a US-based company that allowed us to raise funds to develop a new way of managing teams and projects. So far we have raised a total of $630.000 in our seed rounds.

Taiga is proof of Kaleidos commitment to intra-entrepreneurship and agile methodologies.

Taiga has received many awards so far but we are particularly proud of these ones. Taiga was awarded TOP 10 Open Source projects in 2014 and Top 11 Tools in 2016 by opensource.com. Also, Best Agile Tool in 2015 by UK Agile Awards.

Taiga has grown to more than 300.000 users in our cloud SaaS platform while at the same time being downloaded and installed behind the firewall of thousands of organisations and companies around thw world.

they say

Very impressed by @taigaio's cool UI and features list. Great Job guys!@Neo9Polska