Radically faster video intelligence

the project

SeeQuestor delivers a toolkit of functionality and efficiency improvements that have been designed to enhance the skills of human analysts and investigators in order to enable them to focus their time on other areas of the investigation, reducing precious man hours. The platform is already being used in real cases by law enforcement agencies on multiple continents.

SeeQuestor’s advanced analysis tools quickly find all faces in large quantities of video and automatically track suspects caught on many cameras, providing fast search capabilities for investigators. And, while the system is extremely easy to navigate, we provide full support and training.

Kaleidos developed a mission critical platform using the latest web technology and agile practices as well as best of breed open source components. You can enjoy the result watching this video.

The wonderful people behind Rojo2 were a key part in the success of this project and we wholeheartedly recommend them.

they say

Kaleidos is going to be such a tough act to follow...Henry Hyde-Thomson, SeeQuestor CEO