e-Health Comparison equipment

the project

Salupro is what we like to call an e-Health Comparison Website 2.0. It allows you to purchase medical equipment (in the dozens of thousands unique references) for your clinic or hospital from a huge list of suppliers and before you check-out, it will obtain the lowest total price for the entire shopping cart.

Contrary to what intuition might make people believe, it is far more complex that taking the individual lowest price per item. On the contrary, it will take into account individual best prices, shipping prices depending on location, volume discounts for supplier, special discounts for clients. It might look simple but it actually needs complex algorithms to achieve the absolute best option for every case.

they say

I remember starting the project with three big red flags. After a month, they were all gone thanks to Kaleidos. Amazing!Samuel Vargas, CTO of Salupro