Modern ECG diagnostics

the project

The gem heart center is a web platform for managing/viewing/editing medical exams in the cardiology field. The platform presents the exams attending to priority levels and filter options and searches, in real time. Moreover, it includes alarms based on priority/severity criteria of the exams and clinical sessions in real time to resolve queries.

At the time of development (2011-2013), Kaleidos was able to leverage the latest web technologies to ensure gem med center could be operated as close to a mission critical system as possible using real-time data from patients.

[Update 2018] Unfortunately, gem-med was struck with the recent global financial crisis and was unable to operate amidst growing numbers of big hospitals and clinic that would focus on more basic and cheaper technology. On the bright side its technology was so ahead of the competition that the gem med platform was acquired by Atrys Health in 2016 under their eDiagnostic offering.

they say

It seemed as if Gem-Med's product was THEIR product. What a passion!Guillem Serra. Gem-Med Product Manager