Your investment co-pilot

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(Now rebranded as EXO platform) Your investment co-pilot.

EXO platform gives you access to exceptional tools once the preserve of institutional investors, enabling us to build an individual portfolio based on your ideas. Its goal is to democratise access to the industry's most advanced investment management tools.

EXO platform is an end-to-end solution that connects banks, brokers and investors to effectively perform smart decisions for the long-term investment.

Kaleidos not only developed the core product but also helped build the company's new core team from the very beginning, helping recruit a mirror team that would work towards the same goal and eventually inherit the responsibility of taking the product even further.

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Plunging into a new technological adventure? Then Kaleidos will be the perfect buddy. They've got the knowledge, the experience, the agility and the flexibility to create a good prototype, to set the foundations of a great project. Fernando Pablos Contreras, CTO and co-founder