Decathlon Sport Meeting

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the project

Decathlon Sport Meeting is an online platform that aims to unite people through sport. It does this by allowing people that practice any number of sports to fill in their profiles and either look for activity proposals or create one and start inviting others based on location or skill.

By following other users and uploading pictures and writing comments, Decathlon Sport Meeting users feel they are part of a fast growing community of people passionate about sport.

Kaleidos provided not only the whole UX-Design-Front-Backend capabilities but also a great agile development methodology for a SCRUM and KANBAN hungry organisation such as Decathlon.

This project lasted two years with a first product launch after its first year, beating the planned Marketing campaign for the first time in years for a major IT project at Decathlon.

they say

It was like an expedition to the Arctic, Kaleidos had the maps & tools and you knew they wouldn't leave you behind. We slept at the Pole and came back alive and did we enjoyed it!Antonio López, Innovation Product Owner & Agile Agitator at Decathlon