Guía Repsol

Resources about travel and leisure

the project

Guia Repsol (formerly Guía Campsa) is a comprehensive guide of resources about travel and gastronomy.

In 2014, Repsol decided to completely rebuild the web, making it much more multimedia-rich, interactive and integrated with social networks. Kaleidos was in charge of implementing the technical solution, and had to confront challenges like a powerful CMS system, a complex data model, the integration of many separated components and a sophisticated map plus a mobile-ready webapp companion.

Kaleidos also introduced the Agile methodology, that turned out to be well suited for situations where many stakeholders would lobby for their own legitimate interests while many other subteams needed to be properly managed.

The project was a huge success, with a strong feeling of everyone building an amazing project together as ONE team.

they say

It´s not only the beauty of the code, it´s the perfect mix of methodology, compromise, flexibility and skills. And the most important for us: a great result on time.Carlos Fernández Allen, Subdirector de Comunicación Digital at Repsol